Absolute Air & Gas Environmental Solutions


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Absolute Air and Gas for the EnvironmentCompressors, Linear pumps, Blowers are used for many environmental applications from providing an Oxygen source for Septic Tanks and sewage to a Compressor providing a continuous supply of dry air for Instruments and analysers. All require a high performance, reliable pump to meet their needs

The global leader in Linear Technology, providing a range of Linear pumps for the Water Industry. 

NEW - The Hiblow XP series of Linear pump offer a breakthrough with the smallest Linear pump with peak performance. 

Applications: Septic tanks, aeration, Sample analysis, Water treatment

The HP series of pumps are the industry standard. Flow rates up to 200 l/min. Strong, powerful pumps that are supplied globally for this industry.

Diaphragm Air Blowers 

HIBLOW - The market leader providing the HP series Linear Diaphragm Pumps to the Medical and Environmental markets. The new XP series has already proven its low power consumption benefits, which are multiplied again with its low voltage version. Completely new again in 2016 will be their “DUO” air blower offering simplified production for both SBR & BAF domestic sewage treatment systems.

Air Diffusers for Aeration

NorresUnique air diffusers used in the aeration of clean, grey & dirty water, from applications such as domestic, municipal & industrial sewage treatment, to Lakes, Koi breeding & rainwater harvesting. The NORRES diffusers are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and will out-perform any EPDM unit.

Side-Channel Blowers

ELEKTROR – German quality side-channel blowers proven for use in larger flow and higher pressure environmental aeration applications.

Submersible Sewage Discharge Pumps

CACHENG – Top quality Chinese manufactured liquid submersible pumps, suitable for domestic & industrial sewage discharge. Having imported thousands of branded units into Europe in the past, we are proud to offer their range. “Cacheng; The pump you didn’t know you knew!”

Visit our NEW micro-site: www.absoluteenvironmental.co.uk