Elektror Air Blowers

Elektror are located close to Stuttgart in Germany, and manufacture to the highest German standards putting them first for quality, service & support.  

Their industrial blowers and side channel blowers are found in virtually every industrial sector and processing industry due to the extensive air options that they offer. Their application base includes; water technology, environmental engineering, vacuuming technology, drying technology, food and beverage industry, cooling, air and ventilation technology, heating technology, conveying technology, the textile, plastics industry, packaging and printing industry.

Their 2SD dual stage side channel blowers are perfect for the aeration of wastewater and can achieve the pressures required for tanks up to 4m deep. Absolute Air & Gas are pleased to offer the full range of Elektror 2SD side channel blowers and are happy to assist with your selection.

Our major strengths lie in the advice and bespoke designs that we can offer for a customer’s own industry. Please do not hesitate to contact our product management for industrial fans directly if you have questions about our fans and side channel blowers or need professional advice or individually designed fans.

Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 220

Maximum Air-Flow: 88 m3/hr . Max Pressure: 230mbar


Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 320

Maximum Air-Flow: 120 m3/hr Max Pressure: 220/290mbar


Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 420

Maximum Air-Flow: 150 m3/hr Max Pressure: 280/440mbar


Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 520

Maximum Air-Flow: 230 m3/hr Max Pressure: 410mbar


Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 720

Maximum Air-Flow: 320 m3/hr Max Pressure: 260/380/500/610mbar


Elektror Air Blower - 2SD 820

Maximum Air-Flow: 520 m3/hr Max Pressure: 400/600/670mbar