Norres 820mm PRO2AIR Air Diffuser for Aeration

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Norres fine bubble aeration diffuser tubes and discs used in industrial, municipal & effluent sewage treatment, Lake & pond aeration

  • Norres Air Diffuser


Norres PRO2AIR Pre-PUR 601 Polyurethane Membrane Tube DiffusersDownload Data Sheet for Norres 820mm PRO2AIR Air Diffuser for Aeration (Mb)

Product Information:

820mm Norres PRO2AIR Pre-PUR 601 Polyurethane Membrane Tube Diffuser. Suggested air-flow: 40 --> 100l/min.

Unit                         Overall Length     Aeration Length   Diameter               Connection

PRO2AIR 0.22        220mm                  140mm                  63mm                    ¾” IG

PRO2AIR 0.5         570mm                  500mm                  63mm                    ¾” IG

PRO2AIR 0.75       820mm                  750mm                  63mm                    ¾” IG

PRO2AIR 1.0         1,070mm               1,000mm                63mm                    ¾” IG

The unique Norres PRO2AIR Pre-PUR 601 Polyurethane membrane fine bubble tube diffusers are perfect for fine bubble aeration within various applications:-

  • Domestic Sewage Treatment Aeration
  • Municipal & Industrial Sewage Treatment Aeration
  • Oxygen for nitrification in activation basins
  • Lake & Pond Aeration
  • Odour Control
  • Koi, Aquaculture & Fish-farming
  • Medical Drying Cabinets

Product Features:-

  • Lower back-pressure compared to equivalent EPDM & Silicon units
  • Subsequent savings on blower size & blower lifetime
  • up to 25% reduced energy usage
  • Extremely long lifetime - retains its original material characteristics over time
  • Free from softeners & halogens
  • Microbe & Hydrolysis resistant
  • less susceptible to Calcium Carbonate deposits
  • Tear resistant & abrasion-proof
  • Optimised flow properties
  • Fine & uniform bubble formation
  • Easy opening slits
  • Non hardening slits
  • Easy clean (20% Acetic Acid)
  • High Purge pressure
  • Suitable for Waste Water Treatment